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A rare picture of Lassie our dog (when she died she was replaced with Judy of 'Judy Granny' fame). Ian and Moira in the front garden of our home, the Excise House, in Bonahaven on the Isle of Islay. The Paps of Jura in the background still remain to be tackled, let alone conquered, by the Goodalls!

Both sets of grandparents received annual summer visits. Dad's parents lived in Boscombe just outside Bournemouth and many a happy holiday was spent there on the beach. Ian did not pick up his Dad's cricket skills which is why he only captained Buckhaven High School's 2nd eleven four years later.

Crackington Haven, on the north coast of Cornwall, was a family holiday retreat for many years before and after the second World War. Ian's sandal power has stood him in good stead ever since. The cliff in the background remains unchanged to this day but the hotel Ian is facing, and where we stayed, has now become self-catering accommodation.

 The summer holiday in 1959 was split between Leigh-on-Sea (where Ian's maternal grandparents retired to) and Bournemouth (with Ian's Dad's parents). Ian learned to swim - breast stroke - in the outdoor swimming pool at Westcliffe-on-Sea in Essex.

These steps were somewhere yet to be identified, but probably near the swimming pool at Westcliffe-on-Sea.
Probably at Shell Bay, after moving to Windygates from Islay in the spring. This year was the last summer holiday in Leigh-on-Sea.

One year later, same shirt - nothing changes! On holiday in 1961 (Ian's mother dated this as 1962) at Runswick Bay in Yorkshire.

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