Goodall Photo Gallery 1964-67

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Ian played rugby and cricket for his school and Balgonie House. Worst moment at school: setting off the fire alarms on the day of the Cuba missile crisis (Wee Willie Byers had "been planning a fire practice").
Back to Bonahaven on Ian's new Honda 'motorcycle'. Photographed by Iain MacDougall with the north tip of Jura behind.
Glasgow and the Wilsons was a familiar port of call in the 50s on visits from Islay. This picture is outside Aunt Winnie's flat.
Hitch-hiking to Europe with Ian White took us to the Italian Riviera. After camping in Arras and Paris, a lift, and overnight sleep, in an Ecuré Ecossé Jaguar from Paris dropped us near Genoa in a lightning storm.
Flying with the University Air Squadron based at RAF Leuchars. In 1966 Ian went solo at Tangmere near Chichester.
1967 (again)
In front of the borrowed Artigraf van. Raimundo Valente and Ian had a passion for printing at school. Artigraf emerged from Ray's bedroom, Adana press, garden shed, hard graft and Ian's 'expert' proof reading!

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