Goodall Family Trees

The current generation of the family is shown in TREE 1.
For Ian Goodall's line see TREE 2; for Sheila Goodall's line see TREE 3 below.

For detailed information visit the Tables below.
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TREE 3: Sheila Stewart's direct line


       James Stewart  

 Thomas Stewart

 dob 1834 ?

 Elisabeth Mackie

 Thomas Stewart

 dob 7/06/1875

 John Mackie

 Margaret Mackie

 dob 1832 ?

 Ann Gibson

 Alf Stewart

 dob 2/02/1909

 Peter Sandeman

 James Sandeman

 dob 1840 ?

 Isabella Stewart

 Margaret Sandeman

 dob 8/11/1873

 George Flight

 Ann Flight

 dob 9/07/1837

 Ann Coupar

 Sheila Stewart

 dob 16/05/1947

 William Fawkes

 William Fawkes

 Sheila has

 four brothers:

 Sarah Baker

 Malcolm Stewart

 Gordon Stewart

 Thomas Fawkes

 Neil Stewart

 dob 1883 ?

 and Gregor Stewart

 Mary Flynn

 Nan Fawkes

 dob 4/10/1919

 Nathan Cornfoot

 Alexander Cornfoot

 dob 16/05/1817

 Mary Grubb

 William Cornfoot

 dob 20/11/1850

 Elisabeth Milne

 Jane Cornfoot

 dob 21/02/1887

 David Gibson

 Mary Gibson

 Jessie Strachan

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