The Goodall Family History 
 Eilidh Goodall, Day 1

 Eilidh Goodall was born to Alan & Anne Goodall (née Sutherland) on the 9th of August 2000 at 3.20pm. Less than 5 hours later Eilidh came out to play at West Middlesex Hospital, Isleworth with Sheila, Ian, Jennifer and Fiona while her proud parents looked on!
 West Middlesex Hospital, Isleworth  Anne & Eilidh Goodall  Eilidh learns to cry
 Eilidh enjoying Sheila's often-rehearsed rocking  Eilidh's doting Goodall grandparents  Eilidh dwarfed by Ian's hand
 A brief bit of shut-eye for Eilidh  Fiona, Anne & Eilidh  Anne with sunflower grown in Sheila & Ian's garden
 Jennifer, Fiona & Eilidh. Jennifer becomes an aunt for the first time.  Eilidh's left foot beside Fiona's hand  Eilidh in Ian's safe arms
 Alan, the proud father, with Eilidh  Room for Eilidh's slighly-red hair to grow into  Anne & Alan - both were in good form
 Eilidh's left foot 'Goodall' hospital label  Eilidh ready for her first night in a hospital cot  Proud aunties, Fiona & Jennifer
 The calm before the first night of interrupted (for Anne) sleep?  Flowers from Alan; sunflower from Sheila & Ian; chocolates from Jennifer
  Pictures taken with a Sony digital camcorder and transferred to the web
Ian Goodall
on 10-Aug-2000
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