The Goodall Family History
 Eilidh Goodall, Day 3

 On the 10th of August Eilidh Goodall came home from hospital with her Mum & Dad. A day later Sheila & Ian visited the family home in St Margarets, Twickenham and had another play with Eilidh. Ian, of course, had to 'snap' a few more pictures. It was also an excuse to sample some special red wine recently purchased in France!
The family home in St Margarets   Admiring glances from Eilidh's proud parents  Eilidh has Ian (or at least his camcorder) in her vision
 Tongue by Eilidh Asleep and a head of hair   Dad getting familiar with what it takes to keep the peace
Just checking the status of a nappy  Anne and her first born  At last - able to drink alcohol and celebrate 
Shut-eye with Sheila   Eilidh's first cuddly toy Proud, and about to become exhausted, parents relax at home 
Eilidh in her pram   Admiring looks from Alan, Anne & Sheila  Bye, bye to Sheila & Ian (or is it a relief to see the relatives leave?)
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 Pictures taken with a Sony digital camcorder and transferred to the web by Ian Goodall on 14-Aug-2000.