Eilidh's bedroom: Granny & her Winnie the Pooh Mural

Circus clown:
Look no hands!

Mont St. Michel:
Petit Bebe

Mischievous little bear

The Goodall Family
 Eilidh Goodall
at 5 weeks young

Papa? Eilidh? Ou est le Clio!
Little Dog t-shirt:
Eilidh and her tongue
Working out at the baby gym
Eilidh's first holiday was in Normandy when she was 5 weeks old. We visited the Normandy beaches, the Bayeaux tapestry, the Camembert fromagerie, Mont St. Michel and sampled lots of fine French food and wine (which Eilidh tasted indirectly via Anne!).

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 Slides taken with a Minolta SLR by Alan & Anne Goodall
and transferred to the web by
Ian Goodall on 15-Dec-2000.