The Goodall Family History

 The Pre-wrinklie Goodalls

Ian and Sheila, parents of Jennifer, Alan and Fiona, were born in the 'bulge' after the Second World War.


Ian Goodall

Ian Goodall - first picture?Ian Goodall (1999) at Jennifer & Kevin'sIan in his pramIan William Goodall was born on 6th June 1947 in Newmarket, Suffolk to Mary Robson, who had been widowed in 1946. She had moved south from Aberdeenshire to be a domestic servant to the Cunliff family in Newmarket and was already pregnant by William Milton Glass (died 15th June 1990), a married man. Ian was adopted, in September 1947, by Bill and Moira Goodall who lived in Woodford Green, Essex. Ian has a sister, Moira Margaret, born 1st June 1949. The family lived in Woodford Green Ian & his mother (Moira) in Woodforduntil 1953 when Dad's job, as an excise officer, took them to Bonahaven (Bunnahabhain in gaelic) on the Isle of Islay, off the west coast of Scotland. Ian went to primary school in the village, a single classroom with one teacher (Miss Lena Ramsay) and up to 12 pupils of various ages including Iain MacDougall who has remained a friend. After attending Bowmore Secondary School for a year and a half, the family moved to "Primrose Bank", Haughmill Lane, Windygates (on the mainland!) in 1960.

Ian went to Buckhaven High School in Fife, where he was in Balgonie House and played rugby and cricket, captaining the 4th 15 and 2nd 11 respectively. Obtaining 5 'Highers' at the age of 15, Ian won a university scholarship (of £550pa when the grant was £330pa) from Automotive Products. Ian did a pre-university apprenticeship in Leamington Spa then went to St Andrews University (Queens College, Dundee) in 1965 to read Mechanical Engineering. Ian met Sheila in 1966. The rest is history as they say.

Ian & his dad (Bill) in EdinburghCampfield Road, Broughty FerryIn 1996, whilst undertaking research into his roots, Ian discovered, and met for the first time in April 1996, a half-brother, Richard Ashley (born 2nd July 1948) who now lives in Honley with his wife Cate. Richard's father, Rick, married Mary Robson (born 15th May 1926; died 30th September 1996) in 1948. Ian also has another half-brother and half-sisters, the children of William Glass, including Sheila Garden who lives in Aberdeen.


Sheila Goodall née Stewart

Sheila Goodall in 1999Sheila - first picture?Sheila StewartSheila Anne Goodall was born on 16th May 1947 in South Shields in the North East of England. Her Mum and Dad, Nan and Alf Stewart, had moved from Scotland to their own house in South Shields. When Sheila was about 6 months old the family moved to 11 Bakers Green Road, Huyton, Liverpool (but returned to Dundee in 1952, where Alf became the Labour Party agent). A pre-fab in Blackshade, ideally situated on the outskirts of town with fun-for-kids woods next to the side of their house, was the family home. Sheila, as the only daughter, had her own bedroom whilst her three brothers - Malcolm (born 6th August 1943, Gordon born 6th July 1945 and Neil born 26th August 1952) - shared the only other bedroom. A house swap to 158 Balgowan Avenue in 1956 provided much more room and Sheila's 'baby' brother Gregor was born in 1963 (11th December).

Blackshade Primary School in Dundee was Sheila's first school followed by the Dundee Training College School in Park Place to which Malcolm and Gordon also went. This latter school was too easy going, so Gordon and Sheila were moved to MacAlpine Primary School (where by then Nan was teaching). Sheila then went, by bicycle or by bus, to Morgan Academy (which was burned down in 2001) in Dundee where she played hockey, was in Alyth House and Sheila Goodallin the same class as Mary Little (later Morrison). Three 'Highers' later - including maths - she successfully obtained a 'late entry' place, in 1965, to read Social Sciences at Queens College, Dundee then part of St Andrews University. Sheila met Ian in 1966.

Sheila counts amongst her former acquaintances - with student and Labour Party connections - George Robertson, former Secretary General of NATO, who is now Lord Robertson of Port Ellen.