Bill Goodall's Diaries: 1941/1945 
 June 1943 to 27 July 1943

June 1943. The conversion course of about a month was uneventful and we were posted to 620 Squadron at Chedburgh near Bury St Edmunds in June for night bombing operations. As a new crew our first operations were mine laying sorties to the Gironde and the Frisian Islands.

July 1943. On our fifth trip we took part in a massive series of raids on Hamburg in late July 1943 and this one was somewhat special in that 'window' was dropped for the first time - 'window' consisted of thousands of metallic strips which confused the German radar system and on this first occasion it was a great success in that our losses were much reduced. In time however the Germans were able to lessen its effectiveness.

25th/26th July 1943. We took off for Essen but were shot down by a night fighter over Holland; we were hit in the starboard wing which caught fire and Jack gave the order to abandon the aircraft. I can remember clearly jumping out into the black void and my last conscious action was pulling the rip cord of my parachute.
An hour later I regained consciousness and found myself wandering in open country with only a badly sprained ankle as a result of my landing. My first thought concerned my parachute which we were instructed to hide in this situation but I was unable to find it so that in my unconscious state I must have hidden it somehow.
The time was soon after midnight and I lay low until daylight before trying to make contact with the Dutch resistance. We were advised by Intelligence sources to approach people in open country rather than in towns or villages and this I attempted to do but my efforts were waved away. During the morning I was picked up by a German patrol and taken to a building in Arnhem for the rest of the day; that night I was put on a train under guard for lodgement in Amsterdam jail.

27th July 1943. A telegram was received by my father [William Simpson Goodall]...



W S Goodall Esq, Ridgeway, Parsonage Road, R'worth.

Immediate from Air Ministry, Kingsway.

P.C. 397 27/7.


© 1995 William Motion Goodall & Ian William Goodall 

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