Bill Goodall's Diaries: 1941/1945
 27 August 1943

Editor's note: Moira's letter below was written one month after Bill was shot down.


Postmarked: 29 August 1943, Leatherhead, Surrey
To: P/O W M Goodall 133574,
Stalag Luft III, Deutschland.
From: Thorncroft, Leatherhead, Surrey
Opened by: Examiner 3654

Leatherhead, Surrey

Darling, Darling, Darling,
That's what I keep saying to myself. I've been doing it for the last 10 mins since I got Mother's wire. I just knew you were O.K. - you had to be. I've almost done a handstand and I've slid down the bannisters and I still feel as though I'll explode at any moment. The last 5 weeks have been the worst in my life and yet after the first shock I could not believe the worst. Most people I know think I was right. I even ordered a new tailored costume so I shall have something nice to wear when I next see you. Navy with a white stripe. I've just dashed to the Post Office to get the dope on writing letters to P. of W. Of course they had just given the last copy away but they told me it cost 5d and I can only use one sheet of paper so I hope this arrives O.K. Daddy has sent a wire to your people, they are in Anstruther just now. I moved here two weeks ago. I think I shall like it although I haven't settled in so well yet as I had at the old place. Dorothy may be visiting your friends the Rush's this week and will pass on the good news.

I'll go up to town on Monday and see about Red Cross parcels. I won't send you more than one shirt at a time just in case the parcel goes astray. Your things haven't been sent home yet - I expect they'll arrive sometime soon. Let me know all the things you want most. Oh Billy I'm so thankful. Mother and I had a good cry over the phone just now. Marjorie and Laurens are staying at Woodford for a week and sent you their best wishes etc. Daddy is as busy as ever but I think it does him good. Are you really O.K. it wouldn't surprise me in the least to hear you've hurt your ankle, knowing your natural clumsiness. You'll note I'm still ticking you off - but you like it don't you ? I'm longing for your next letter. I hope they will come fairly frequently. I don't need to tell you how much I love you - you know. You are the only thing (sorry person) that I live for and always will be - my own darling Billy.
All my love
Your adoring wife
Moira Goodall

Editor's note: The original of the above letter is in the care of the family.


© 1995 William Motion Goodall & Ian William Goodall 

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