Bill Goodall's Diaries: 1941/1945
 September 1944 to Winter 1944



By: PRISONER OF WAR POST (with 2 1/2d stamp)

Postmarked: 2 October 1944, Leatherhead, Surrey
To: F/O W M Goodall, Prisoner Of War No 1939, Stalag Luft III.
From: Mrs K M Goodall, 37 Henrys Avenue, Woodford Green, Essex.


DATE: 30th Sept. 44

My dear Billy,

How I wish we could jump a few months and make the time when we shall be together again nearer - it seems such ages and yet we are lucky in comparison with those boys who have been P's of W for 4 years. Wouldn't it be wonderful if you were home for Christmas - can you imagine it ! I'm off on a 10 day Domestic Science Instructors course at Manchester on Oct. 2 which may mean that in a short while I may change my job. I would like a change too. Its now over 2 years since I started this work and I'd like to think I'd done something else to help the war effort. I've got your parcel which should have gone on Sept. 10th all ready to send - you will have heard that they are being held up just now. Dorothy [Moira's youngest sister, Ed] is back from Canada, unfortunately she didn't see John [John was Dorothy's boyfriend who was killed on flying operations, Ed]. I was at a good dance last night and met some of the first crowd of people I was with at Marks Tey [near Chelmsford, Essex]. The dance was about 12 miles south of here, four of us went and enjoyed it very much. Saw Rosalind Russell in "The Beautiful Cheat" last week, it was her usual style & good. Can you let me know of anything you want collected in the way of clothes - or anything else - to have ready for you when you come home. I've been thinking of you a terrible lot recently.

All my love Moira

Editor's note: The original of the above letter is in the care of the family.


© 1995 William Motion Goodall & Ian William Goodall 

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